Don’t give angry, trouble-making people the way, express your standpoint. Show the haters that they are not in a legal vacuum and those affected that they are not alone! 

It’s not always easy, countering has got to be practiced. We have information on counter speech and here are plenty of memes, videos and slogans to download, general, funny or clever backtalk for ever situation!

Diversity of opinion is important, especially if others claim freedom of opinion is blanket defence. Intervene, be visible! Write a comment for example, a reader’s letter or a viewer’s email, take part in public discussions.

Please don’t just sit back

Make the internet a bit nicer and report comments!

Is the law clear?

Go on into the penalty box – don’t accept foul play and file a complaint about relevant punishable hate comments online at

Is that still ok?

Don’t just ignore monstrous things, but call attention to them on instead, they’ll check it out. 

With your camera

Your two cents

Instead of nonsense gossiping, talk about #NoHateSpeech. Get involved in the debate about hate speech with a minute-long video for example about:

  • Hate comments that have hurt you
  • Prejudices you had yourself
  • Your reaction to hate comments aimed at you or others and send us the link to your  YouTube video on!

With games

Hate speech bingo

Instead of just getting annoyed at the forever identical hate posts, you can use the haters’ lack of ingenuity as a game – bingo! The game master reveals next which forum articles or rather, what subject area the chosen hate comment was posted under. Now the players can compile their own bingo – 3 x 3 boxes. Then the comment is read out and whoever gets a full row first is allowed to loudly call “bingo!” and is the only one who doesn’t have to drink a shot.

Examples of terms to use could be: Truth, poor Germany, lying press, mainstream, gender nonsense, traitor, dirty lefty, do-gooder, them up there, obviously nobody speaks about it, wake up! The quota-filling management chick.

With People

A real life talk show

Conversations on the subject of hate speech don’t just have to be led by haters or be vitriolic. It’s worth looking for a new perspective with the people you love to. Broach the subject with your hairdresser. Quiz your grandparents! Debate with friends during break time: 

  • Where do smear campaigns start?
  • What does freedom of opinion mean?
  • How could counter speech look?
  • Who is actually responsible for doing something against hatred on the internet?

In your face

Give others the chance to get to know us, use particular events (summer festivals, street parties, school parties etc.) to advertise the No Hate Speech movement and Against Hate on the Internet, with balloons, badges and so on which you can order for free from us.


Don’t just speak, do. No Hate Speech online also needs good networking and activities offline. And they need an audience. You can find activities here.

Have you pulled something together yourself? Always send us the details! It’ll go in our calendar then and more people will come to the event.

Group thinking: Use your privilege!

You have loads of opportunities at university to address Hate Speech. If you study law or philosophy for example, just organise a debate of hate speech vs. freedom of opinion. You can find background information and resources at

Are you an IT specialist? You can do loads by catching comments in algorithms. You can find suggestions on, and

Or speak with others about the atmosphere in social debates. Does the language get harsher the more publicly a debate is led? Media journalist Ingrid Brodnig deals with this subject and speaks about it here: